Brain Buckets

Art Direction

A branding project for a museum exhibition on the art of custom motorcycle gear and design within motorcycle culture.

The concept was built for MODA, the Museum of Design Atlanta. The brand focused on appealing to this rough-around-the-edges, counter-culture of motorcycle lovers. The brand’s visual components included a DIY aesthetic, visible in the repeating stamps of MODA’s logo and the exhibit’s details. Everything is a little off-kilter and crooked, and the photography heavily references recognizable elements of motorcycle culture.

The key art poster is the main reference for the brand's style and key visual elements, with the custom-painted helmet as the centerpiece. Inspired by photography notations, punk posters, and printmaking techniques, it speaks to the DIY aesthetic of motorcycle culture. I collaborated with a photographer to get pictures of the motorcycle ephemera that draws so many in. Check out the full process video to see how the helmet was painted here.

The patches were designed to give people a take-away on opening night of the exhibit. Patches were the perfect compliment to the exhibit; infinitely customizable, while uniting people with a sense of community.

Notebooks are another take-away item catered towards motorcycle riders. This promotional item can be used to take down maintenance notes while working on your bike.

Motorcycle culture is one that has constantly interested me; I have always been fascinated both by the visual aesthetics associated with it and the sense of community between people who ride. My goal for this project was to capture my love for motorcycle culture in a way that would be unconventional, experimental, and visually engaging for both riders and non-riders.

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