Remedy App Concept


A collaborative project between SCADpro and The Home Depot, working to improve upon the customer journey through the lens of The Home Depot application.

Remedy was built for people with a variety of food intolerances, helping them take steps towards feeling better when they eat. For those with medical conditions, allergies, or sensitivities, Remedy helps to evaluate the body’s response to certain meals and ingredients.

Remedy uses input from the user to bring awareness to patterns in reactions after eating, warn of suspected sensitivities, and suggest alternative options for a better dietary experience. With the ability to track reactions, find restaurants suited to a specific diet, and find support from the community, the app is a resource for those working to understand their body’s response to food.

Log meals

Remedy uses your logged meals and reactions to analyze symptoms and provide curated advice. Notifications remind you to log every meal to receive the most accurate results.


Based on your log entires, Remedy evaluates your reactions and gives you warnings when it notices patterns. Flags bring awareness to potential food sensitivities to help you keep track of the foods that trigger your symptoms.

Food Information

Once you notice a consistent trigger food, Remedy helps you learn more about what you can do to avoid another reaction. When the flags are clicked, you receive a full profile including comments from the community, known substitutes for that food, and the frequency of reactions among app users.


When you have food sensitivities, finding a place to eat can be a challenge. Remedy allows you to filter through restaurants that cater to your dietary needs, giving you the information you need to make a decision with confidence. Comments from the community can give you personal accounts with restaurants and flagged foods so that you feel supported and fully informed.

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