SCADpro x The Home Depot

User Experience Design, Project Leadership

A collaborative project between SCADpro and The Home Depot, working to improve upon the customer journey through the lens of The Home Depot application.

The project consisted of students in User Experience, Graphic Design, Advertising, and Game Design and Game Development.

Taking place virtually during the COVID-19 pandemic, we worked together from around the world to conceptualize and prototype a new section of The Home Depot app.

An end-to-end experience

We explored the unique challenges people face when completing DIY projects, and we set out to make their experiences easier and more successful. From curating their unique preferences, to setting up a personal project checklist, to receiving rewards upon completion, our solution helps The Home Depot customers at every step of their journey.

Exploring the pain points

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In our research, we found that many customers had trouble with following through. When a problem arose, it was easy to abandon a project. Our main priority became enhancing personalization so that people completing DIY projects would continue to come back to the app for guidance.


The inventory gives customers a breakdown of all the materials and tools relevant to their project. Based on what is built out in the checklist and the account’s existing data, the inventory categorizes what the customer already has and the items that are still needed. The inventory provides people with quick options for buying or renting in order to finish their projects.


Sometimes when doing a project, it can become apparent that some steps are hard to complete alone. With a feature to search for contractors, customers know they are supported no matter how big their ask is.


An updated forum allows people to post their projects, ask and respond to questions from others, and share their hacks. The ability to share videos and guides presents a unique opportunity for Home Depot to enlist influencers and DIY-experts to join in on the forum.

The result is The Garage, a new tab in the app's main navigation that becomes a hub for all things DIY. Customers can track their projects and have access to resources all in one centralized location, streamlining their process. The Garage encourages customers to keep using The Home Depot's services for all their future projects.

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